We’ve read perhaps thousands of really and truly awful tweets today from people celebrating the passing of David Koch, and to be honest they have all started running together because none of them are all that original or thoughtful in their hatred.

But this atrocity from the same woman who once said Jesus would support abortion, Pam Keith, stands out from the rest of the garbage and filth which says a lot about her tweet, and ain’t none of it good.

Because you know, only Republicans are wealthy.

Oh, wait.

Suppose we shouldn’t be surprised how dreadful of a person Pam is considering she was even too awful for Democrats to vote for but still.


Please note, most people (like Pam) don’t really understand why they hate the Kochs, but some other idiot they thought knew something said they should hate them so they do.

You think we’re kidding but nope … if you ask any of them to explain their sick hatred it’s the same, ‘THEY WERE TOO RICH,’ BS that has nothing to do with what David did in his life.

Yeah, but Pam is a Dem, and a failed wannabe legislator … what do you expect?


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