Kamala Harris really does seem to be floundering as her poll numbers drop, drop and then drop some more. She’s gone from endorsing Bernie’s ‘Medicare For All’ nonsense to then claiming she has concerns over it to pushing false stories about the fires in the Amazon to pretend she cares about the climate.

It’s been fairly entertaining for us … and humiliating for her.

Trump-like President.

You gotta love that.

But then she can’t pretend the fires are somehow Trump’s fault, dagnabbit!

Kamala should be ashamed of herself for many, many reasons but we digress.

Victoria Brownworth, an investigative journalist for HuffPo (who knew there was such a thing) chimed in:


Pointing out that’s she’s deliberately spreading misinformation to pander for votes does not make Will racist nor does it mean he targeted her. And who cares how many followers he has, he’s not the one spreading the false narrative.

Holy crap.

Carpe Donktum just blasted her.

He noticed she found a way to blame Trump as well but he brought up an even better point, what has Kamala done in the Senate?

It is HuffPo we’re talking about.




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