David Koch has died …

From The Associated Press:

Billionaire industrialist David H. Koch, who with his older brother, Charles, transformed American politics by pouring their riches into conservative causes, has died at age 79.

Charles Koch announced the death on Friday, saying, “It is with a heavy heart that I now must inform you of David’s death.”

David Koch, who lived in New York City, was the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential candidate in 1980. He was a generous donor to conservative political causes as well as educational, medical and cultural groups.

And like clockwork, the Left is reminding us exactly who they are.

Oliver Willis always keepin’ it classy.

Yup, and that’s sayin’ something.

Honestly, the tweets celebrating Koch’s death are endless on Twitter today; if you needed a reminder of how important the 2020 election REALLY is, here you go.

So bad.

Oh, and don’t worry, they were awful to his living brother Charles as well.

You know, the guy who just lost his brother.

Imagine how gross and hateful someone has to be to rejoice when someone else dies.

That is the Left and no matter how many times they try and pretend they’re the good guys, don’t buy it.


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