Rob Reiner is slowly morphing into the crazy guy wearing a sandwich board who keeps screaming about the end of the world and talking to stray cats. You know the guy, the one who hasn’t showered in days that you won’t make eye contact with? We get it, a lot of people don’t like Trump but wow, Rob Reiner has well and truly lost his marbles.

Which assumes he ever had marbles in the first place but we digress.

Look at this crazy.

The house is on fire.

Get out the impeachment hoses?

Telling you, dude is whack.

Luckily, Kirsty Swanson had some sage advice:


Short and simple.

And Rob should listen.

You’d think he’d have figured out by now the only people taking him the least bit seriously are as out of their freakin’ minds as he is.


We didn’t say it.

We laughed at it.

We included it in this article.

But we didn’t say it.

He’s a poet.

And curtain.


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