As Twitchy readers know, Bill Maher called Rashida Tlaib and her anti-Israel boycott movement out as a BS purity test it is for Democrats. Rashida responded by (of course) calling for people to boycott Bill’s show.

It’s in the Democrat Playbook –> if they don’t like what you have to say their first instinct is to try and silence you.

Bill fired back:

Even Rashida’s own party rejected her BDS nonsense. And to Bill’s point, what will she do to them? Boycott?

Whoa, and good question.

It has become a staple of their sad, angry movement.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day but true story.

Democrats are in real trouble here. They’ve enabled and even empowered a very ugly side of their party to flourish because instead of focusing on serving the people who elected them they’ve been more focused on beating Trump at all costs.

Even if that cost is the loss of their own party to a group of dangerous, self-serving anti-Semites. Bill sees the issue here, he called it out and was threatened with a boycott before you could say, ‘Bill Maher’.

Not enough popcorn on the planet.


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