As Twitchy reported earlier, Hillary Clinton got awfully snippy with Trump when he shared findings of a study that proved Google actually cost him millions of votes.

The failed 2016 presidential candidate claimed the findings had been debunked, which ticked off the guy who actually authored the report.

Dr. Robert Epstein.

Who just so happens to be a huge Hillary fan.

Epstein (ironic, we know) vowed to tweetstorm about Hillary, and here it is.

He started with Trump’s points:

Not just 21.


10.4 million is still a crap-to of votes, doc.


Actually worth a read, folks.

He continued on to Hillary.

She should be ashamed of herself.


This is gonna be GOOD.

Sounds like a conflict of interest on Google’s part, just sayin’.

So much for her claim that the study was debunked.

Google offered to run her tech campaign.

But you know, his report on Google trying to help Hillary get elected was ‘debunked’.

By Google.

They never thought she’d lose.


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