Every time we think Trump is really and truly his own worst enemy the Left and the media step up and remind us who really is …

Now, Trump was talking about disloyalty to Israel BUT of course our good, tolerant, honest friends on the Left ran with the idea that Trump was complaining that they weren’t loyal to him. Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

Valerie Jarrett couldn’t wait to step up and make a fool of herself:

This has been debunked SO MANY TIMES.

We’ve actually lost count of the number of idjits who continue to insist Trump called neo-Nazis very fine people. But no one has ever accused Valerie of being informed or honest.

Now, now, Valerie has a lie to push to support her virtue-signaling.

She is pretty good at it.

Funny, right?

She knows.

If this is the new rule we’re all going to end up with alcohol poisoning.


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