Imagine the knots someone would have to tie themselves in to somehow be angry at Republicans for standing up for Israel. And not only that but going on to claim they’re somehow using their concern for Jews as a way to launder racism toward Muslims.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

Molly Jong-Fast did though.

Alrighty then.

That’s her takeaway? Although to be fair, the phrase ‘laundering racism’ is pretty damn good.

Too bad she used it to make a stupid point.

We’re sick of people using Twitchy to as a way to launder their hatred toward Ron Perlman.

Wait, does that work?

Maybe Tom Arnold.


Molly continued.

We’re tired of people like Molly using fake concern over Muslims to launder her bigotry toward Republicans.

There we go, that works.

Oh, good grief.

What do you want to bet she actually has Liz blocked?

And gosh, that’s what Republicans have been trying to do but … k.

Molly not only picked a fight with Liz Cheney but she went after another Liz.

Maybe she has a thing against the name Liz.

Which is the law in Israel but you know, ORANGE MAN BAD.

Sweet baby corn.

You know she’s a blast at birthday parties. *yikes*


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