Ana Navarro came out ‘swinging’ to defend her pal Chris Fredo Cuomo.

We get what she was trying to do here with the whole ‘clutch your pearls’ thing but all she really did was set Fredo up for more trolling.

This didn’t go well for her … or for Chris.

She has no sense of humor which is just another sign she’s actually a Democrat.

Good point.

And really, this is a fair summation of what happened. Was it a d*ck move to approach, insult, and record Cuomo for clicks and taps? Yes. Was it stupid for Cuomo to react the way he did? Yes.

Is it still freakin’ hilarious either way?


Oh c’mon, we never claimed we were mature.


Not seein’ a whole lotta pearls being clutched here, Ana.

What she said.

Oh, that’s right, Ana has used ‘Fredo’ on Chris’ own show before … what a racist.


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