Poor Ryan J. Reilly.

He’s a ‘justice reporter’ (whatever the heck that is) for HuffPo and he’s a teensy bit upset with Sharyl Attkisson’s fact-checking of Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris’ lies about Michael Brown being murdered by a white cop.

Hey, at least he tagged her, right?

Except her entire article is based on the DOJ’s Ferguson investigation.

Sharyl responded:


Take it up with the DOJ, pal.

He prattled on:

Someone really needs to get this guy a mirror.


And then a link to one of his own articles as some sort of proof.


Seems a good many people on Twitter disagree with Ryan’s assessment of Sharyl’s reporting.

That’s code for, ‘He didn’t like what she wrote.’

Seems his reputation precedes him.

SEE? lol


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