Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren both took it upon themselves to push an absolutely divisive and possibly dangerous lie. Both Democrats claimed Michael Brown was ‘murdered’ by a white cop … we suppose they think if it worked for Obama it will work for them.

And per usual, the media, for the most part, has been more than willing to look the other way which Brit Hume was good enough to call out.

Sharyl Attkisson took it a step further and fact-checked the snot outta Harris and Warren’s claim.

This is good.

We love how she says, ‘With respect.’

She’s so good at this.

In other words, they lied.

Harris and Warren should both pay attention since this was Obama’s DOJ who drew these conclusions.

So not murder.

Still not murder.

Not reported in the press … sorta like how they aren’t reporting on Warren and Harris lying now.

Hands up don’t shoot was a lie.

But we digress.

Cannot support a criminal prosecution.

Irresponsible rhetoric, sorta like two Democratic candidates running for president lying about Brown even now.

Sharyl just decimated both of these Democrats and it’s a BEAUTIFUL thing.

Right? We’re not holding our breath.


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