It’s amazing (and not in a good way) that this tweet from Elizabeth Warren claiming Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer is still up.

And she has yet to answer for or correct it which most of the media has been ignoring.

Or are they?

Sure, we here at Twitchy have written a good many articles on Warren and Harris’ gross lies (sounds like Beto may have repeated it also), but we haven’t seen much from our Leftist pals in the media. Until this tweet from Slate’s Will Saletan.

As of now, she has not.

But considering that even more traditionally Left-leaning publications are starting to push back on her?


It is seemingly a rare thing indeed these days.

Oh, good gravy.

Pretty sure if Obama’s DOJ could’ve found a way to prove Brown was indeed murdered by a white cop they would have done so.

But on that note, seeing the majority of responses to Will’s tweet we’re pretty sure we know why we haven’t seen Warren correct and/or apologize for her blatant lie.


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