We’re not entirely sure why Rod Rosenstein thought sharing this op-ed was a good idea but he obviously did … for some reason.

And of course, it’s behind a subscription wall.


From the New York Times:

The dueling hashtags and their attendant toxicity are a grim testament to our deeply poisoned information ecosystem — one that’s built for speed and designed to reward the most incendiary impulses of its worst actors. It has ushered in a parallel reality unrooted in fact and helped to push conspiratorial thinking into the cultural mainstream. And with each news cycle, the system grows more efficient, entrenching its opposing camps. The poison spreads.

The poison spreads.

The same a-holes who have spent years insisting Trump colluded with Russia whining about poison spreading … that’s hilarious. Would someone please get these media types a mirror? Thanks.

It’s almost as if Rod helped create the very environment he seems to be whining about.

It’s pretty damn impressive.

Seems Rod isn’t all that popular with either side right now.

This went well, Rod.

Oh wait.


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