You can tell this poll from Politically Incorrect was totally NOT biased from the get-go, especially since he or she used the #BanAssaultWeaponsNow hashtag.

Guessing their intent was to prove that the majority of Americans want ‘assault weapons’ banned … there’s just one teensy, tiny problem with their poll.

Even with their biased little hashtag, 49% voted no to the ban.

That’s GOTTA sting a little.

To be honest, we’re shocked they haven’t deleted it and just in case they do:

Hey, they asked for people to ‘retweet the crap’ out of their poll.

Oh, that’s right, they’ll blame Russians for flipping their poll.

Full transparency, this editor might have played just a little part in getting their poll out to the masses.


There’s always a way to keep people honest, especially when it comes to a Twitter poll.

Chef’s kiss.


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