Mike Shellenberger who by his own bio has been called a ‘Hero of the Environment’ by Time magazine put together a fairly fascinating thread about the environmental language the El Paso gunman echoed in his manifesto.

Language largely ignored by the Left and of course, the media.

That Shellenberger is himself an environmentalist and wrote this thread is pretty spectacular.

Take a gander.

Media doesn’t seem to want to talk about the gunman’s rants about the environment.

Or corporations.

Or anything that might make it seem like Trump isn’t to blame for the shooting.

Shellenberger continued:

Noxious anti-humanist Malthusianism.

That’s a mouthful.

Thankfully, Shellenberger explained …


No wonder the media isn’t talking about this being in the manifesto.

Nope, the media is focused on the idea that racism drove both of these killers BUT there could be so much more.

Sounds a little more intense than eco-fascism but good point.

And at the end of the day what’s most important to the media (and to both political sides) is agenda.


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