Last week, Scott Presler and other Trump supporters went to Baltimore to help the citizens of that community clean it up. Activists were not pleased with their efforts (guess they were worried the evil Trumpers would make them look useless and lazy) and the Baltimore Sun did its best to trash Pressler and their efforts.

But it sounds like Presler is going back anyway for round two:

Gosh, Scott doesn’t seem the least bit intimidated … but nice try, Baltimore Sun.

We especially like how polite and even friendly Scott is about coming back to Baltimore and keeping his word to Louise. Such a great effort by an even greater man, who will likely play humble but the truth is he is relentless in making this country a better place, even for people who disagree with them.

And the Baltimore Sun can take so many seats.

Baltimore Sun really made fools of themselves.

Hey, she’s a thinker!

Waste not, want not.

A to the men.


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