Another day, another person the president feels the need to call out in social media. Typically this editor ignores these sorts of tweets because if we’re being perfectly honest THESE are the times she wishes Trump would just put down his phone BUT considering who the person is he’s dragging?

It works.



Ouch, Moochie.

Sad, Anthony Scaramucci.

Trying to cash in on his 11 days of fame.

He did fire back at the president:

He works and he slaves and what thanks does he get?

Poor Mooch.

We’re not ready for it and we don’t really buy it.

Seems a tad bit convenient to us.

What she said.


This went well, Mooch.

And c’mon …

How can anyone take this guy seriously? Oh, we get it, if he’s turning on Trump the Left will treat him like he’s their best good friend and MSNBC will fall all over themselves to interview him so he’ll trash the president but seriously.


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