As Twitchy readers know, Joe Scarborough wrote perhaps the dumbest tweets of the day about Jeffrey Epstein on Saturday morning, which is actually sort of a big deal when you consider how damn stupid Twitter was in general after the news broke about his suicide.

And c’mon, if CNN journos are calling Joe out you KNOW it was bad.

Andrew is right.

Whoa, did Hell freeze over? Would someone check and get back to us? Thanks.

Joe didn’t like being called out …

Lighten up, he was only tweeting something really awful and stupid that got him dragged by sane people all day.


What was IN that coffee, Joe?

He went on.



The tweets were horrible and c’mon, Andrew rarely agrees with us so this is fairly significant.

Bad tweets, Joe, BAD tweets.

What a smug a-hole.


And then when he’s called out for his crap he’ll treat them the same way he treated Andrew.


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