Remember when Joe Scarborough did everything he could to help Trump win in 2016?

You member.

While many people on the Right were fighting for another candidate in the primaries, good ol’ Morning Joe was doing his best to help promote his pal, Donald Trump. So if what Joe is saying now is true, does that mean he funded ‘white supremacy’ by giving Trump a whole bunch of free air time?

Asking for a friend.

Maybe Joe should just sit this one out.

Silly, he’s too busy blaming Trump.

Oh, and Dana Loesch.

But that’s DIFFERENT.

Ralph only showed everyone how to put blackface on.

Oh, and then his wife invited a bunch of black children to the Capitol to pick cotton … but it’s different.

Or something.

We imagine Joe inspired many people to donate to the president today.

Hope Trump sends him a thank you note.



Yup, it probably is.


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