Democratic hopefuls sure are spending a lot of time openly WEEPING for the families separated at the southern border. It’s hilarious in a hypocritical way to watch the same party that supports abortion up to and including birth crying about ‘the children’.

Which is why very few people are taking that particular talking point all that seriously. To be honest, the only people buying what Democrats are selling when it comes to the border still believe Russia came in and literally altered votes for Trump.

Brit Hume brought up a key fact about why and when kids are otherwise separated from their parents:

Brit used facts.

How rude!

Doesn’t he know that’s not allowed?!


Kamala really had a horrible night.


Never let a crisis go to waste is another fave for Democrats.

They do not.


Brit’s tweet would have only been better if he reminded the Left WHO started the cages thing … hint, it was not Trump.


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