Republican Kimberly Klacik understandably has a serious beef with Brian Stelter and CNN. Seems our favorite Hall Monitor took it upon himself to ‘fill in the blanks’ on Klacik because she did not get back to him about questions he emailed her.

Remember, this IS CNN.

A simple Google would have told Brian all of this but we digress.

Kimberly continued.

Wait, an elected official who thinks her constituents are more important than answering for the president?! GET OUTTA TOWN.

Refreshing to say the least.

Stay classy, Brian.

Imagine if someone on Fox behaved this way about a Democratic black woman? All we’d hear about is how RACIST IT WAS.


Wouldn’t count on it.

But she didn’t respond, Brian, which means you WAIT. It doesn’t mean you make up a bunch of crap about her because it suits you.

Of course, he went there. Framing her in a way that served his purpose and that’s what mattered to him, not the actual story.


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