You guys remember Pam Keith, right? Beyond being a failed politician who couldn’t even win her Democratic primary in Florida, she’s the Democrat who claimed Jesus would be ok with abortion among other hateful, vile tweets about Trump and Republicans.

Like this nonsense:

We’re starting to see why Pam lost. When you’re ‘out there’ even for a Democrat that’s never a good thing.

Sharyl Attkisson called her out over the tweet:


Hey, she said, ‘please.’

She’s so tough.


Ok, so this editor might be a tad biased since Pam already blocked her for this tweet:

Wasn’t even mean, right?!

Anyway … Sharyl answered.

Sharyl’s politeness was something Pam just couldn’t deal with.


Wow, we have never seen Sharyl block anyone, even when she’s harassed and badgered by crazy Leftist troll accounts.

Not a great look, Pam.


The nerve.

Awww, we love Nick’s card!


That’s the irony of tweets like Pam’s, she is all but making a contribution to Trump’s campaign, especially when her own bigoted behavior is enough to convince those who did not vote for Trump in 2016 to do so in 2020.

Hope Trump sends her a thank you note after it’s all said and done.


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