For the past week, we’ve heard and read nothing but ‘Trump is super racist for telling the Fraud Squad to go back home’ in both traditional and social media.

Note, we’re not hearing about the so-called ‘concentration camps’ at the border anymore … funny how that works, eh?

Anywho, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was doing her best late last night (or really early this morning, however you want to look at it) to play the ‘role’ this situation calls for:

Scared for our future?


The same woman who has been telling us we have 12 years to ‘live’ because cow farts are destroying our planet is now pretending Trump’s comments are scaring people for the future. And then calling for decency like she hasn’t been an obnoxious divider since she was elected.

Guess how that call for decency went?

We see a lot of gross, hateful and awful tweets (it’s sort of what we do), but this one may be one of the worst ever.



As usual though, AOC was dragged and dragged and then dragged some more.

Whining is her job.


But sure, AOC, tell us more about decency and stuff.


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