What would Alyssa Milano be doing if she wasn’t tweeting something mock-worthy and embarrassing on Twitter? Maybe filming an Amy Fisher sequel?


Alyssa tweeted this story out nearly 24 hours ago, a story about a 92-year-old Mexican man who was beaten with a brick and told to ‘go back to his country.’

Thinking Alyssa only read the headline because not only is this story a year old BUT it was not a group of attackers, it was a black woman, who is currently serving 15 years for the assault. Many tried to correct the D-Lister but the tweet is still there …


Oooops again.

Oh, look, there’s the original story which ‘Rep. Smith’ was good enough to send to Ms. Milano.

We get what she was trying to do here, she was trying to somehow blame Trump’s rhetoric for getting this elderly man beaten with a brick. And by claiming it was a ‘group of attackers’ she could paint Trump supporters in the same horrible light.

But womp-womp.

It was worth a Google, Alyssa.

Because it wasn’t convenient to use against Trump a year ago.


Sanctuary city.

Good point.

But that’s all she knows how to do.


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