Liz Cheney wasn’t shy about supporting the president in his comments about the ‘Fraud Squad’ or in her undying love of country and freedom. Ok, so this editor is totally biased because Liz represents Wyoming and as we all know, Wyoming is the best state EVER.


No question.


Check out her tweet:

Represent, Liz!

Considering how impressively unpopular these Justice Democrats are across the country it’s problematic for the Left that they have become the face of the Democratic Party.

And as usual, Liz has the same superpower her dad does of bringing the stupid to the surface.

Good gravy.

Trump seriously broke these people.

This one literally calls herself a snowflake.


Hey, at least she’s honest.

Maybe Liz should use smaller words.

Yes, yes they are disgusting.

We know you knew that, just a reminder.

And there’s Patricia again.

TDS is very real, folks.


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