It’s sorta fun watching the media chase their tails trying to figure out how to pretend Trump is the only president/candidate to ever use fear or dirty tactics to win an election. We get it, their narrative depends on the idea that ORANGE MAN BAD, but if they really think anyone buys their ‘pearl-clutching’ over his behavior we have a bridge to sell them.

Because you know, Democrats never play dirty:

So angry.

Remember when these same people were telling us how badly Hillary would beat Trump?

Good times.

Trump has made the Fraud Squad, who outside of Twitter is pretty damn unpopular, the face of the Democratic Party.

Where do they think Trump learned this from? Heh.

That’s RIGHT, we forgot how dirty Obama played during his campaigns.

But you know, he did it for our own good or something.


Gosh, why could that be?


#BASTA! Michael Avenatti is officially (and accidentally) helping Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino sell more books and LOL

Did Rachel Maddow mean to make Ilhan Omar look RIDICULOUS during interview about impeaching Trump because WOW (watch)

Wait, NOW she loves America?! AOC viciously called out for tweets claiming she loves America more than Trump and YIKES