Rachel Maddow is certainly doing her part to make sure the Fraud Squad is the true face of the Democratic Party. Trump should send Maddow an Edible Arrangement or something for her assistance in helping him win re-election next year.

They love to claim Trump said the white nationalists in Charlottesville were very fine people and defended them … which of course is not true. But then again, after Trump told progressive congresswomen to go back to their own countries he also said, ‘and then come back’ which they also seem to leave out of the story.

Cue ‘racist attack’ narrative from MSNBC and Maddow:

Yes, go ahead and push for impeachment knowing Pelosi is not interested in pursuing it. Keep driving a wedge in that Democratic Party over hurt feelers.

What crimes?

Writing mean tweets isn’t a crime, Ilhan.


This went … well.

Or not.

Nice try making Ilhan look less horrible, Rachel, but it doesn’t seem like anyone bought it.


Wait, NOW she loves America?! AOC viciously called out for tweets claiming she loves America more than Trump and YIKES

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