The Left has, of course, lost their freaking minds (more than usual) over Trump’s comments about the Fraud Squad, particularly Ilhan Omar, which to be honest isn’t exactly all that Twitchy worthy. Oh, look, more shrieking and accusations of racism, wow, that’s never happened before.


But what is interesting is watching some on the Right condemn anyone who isn’t condemning Trump, once again falling into the ‘we have to be better’ rules that don’t seem at all fair when we’re in a fight to protect and defend not only this country but our way of life.

@Mellecon wrote a pretty damn powerful thread on ‘the rules’:


We forgot about that one.

Don’t forget his evil binders of women!

Told you this was good.

Keep going.

*admit it, you’re nodding your head as you read this*

Fraud Squad.


They absolutely do NOT fight fair.

In other words, IT’S SO ON.

And you know what? We’re seeing a whole lot more of THIS from people on the Right than the shaming and poo-poo’ing the media is highlighting.

If they want to fight dirty maybe it’s time to fight dirty.


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