Bill de Blasio is awfully proud of championing the Green New Deal in New York City.

Nice try dunking on Trump there, Sparky.

Perhaps karma was paying attention to Bill earlier in the day because later it was lights out in his ‘city.’ Or maybe total blackouts are part of the Green New Deal? Don’t make that face, these people want us to find a way to stop cows from farting so anything is possible.

Ted Cruz slammed the sad mayor and desperate presidential candidate.


And cue the shrieking from our frothy-mouthed pals on the Left:

She mad.

Wait, zhe mad.

They mad?

You know what, we can’t keep up …

Have we mentioned lately that the Left cannot meme?

These people are well and truly just gross.

Wow. Imagine only speaking bad meme.

Pretty sure this person misses the irony of her/his/its own tweet.

We can’t even.


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