You guys remember E. Jean Carroll, right? The woman who claimed she was raped by Trump, then said it was some sort of sex fantasy for women, then said she fought, then said he didn’t rape her … and after all of that only managed to sell 1,900 copies of the book she was trying to push with said claim.

Talk about embarrassing.

What’s even more embarrassing though is the media propping her up and putting her on a major book tour of sorts even though her book is listed at #3,421 while deliberately ignoring the #1 book in the country because a conservative wrote it.

Luke Rosiak’s thread spells it out perfectly:

But that book talks about the raw deal Kavanaugh got and that’s icky news!

13 books per show.

Imagine selling your soul and dignity for 13 books a show.


What a freaking train wreck.

And that video was INSANE.

CNN will prop anyone up as long as they hate Trump as much as they do. Look at Michael Avenatti for example …

And just look at what it’s done to their credibility with Americans and their ability to influence them.


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