Pretty sure the outright LIE about Trump calling all migrants ‘animals’ was debunked like YEARS ago, Alexandria.

But hey, whatever makes for a good interview with The New Yorker, right?


And the CBP agents were like, calling them names and stuff, and like making them drink from TOILETS.

This freakin’ woman.

From The New Yorker:

AOC: It’s not even living. So, we walked in and in one of the cells, the cell is just all concrete. There were just women on a concrete floor, and then there were two concrete slabs where they could sit, and then in the back there was a toilet, and a concrete slab in front of the toilet, but no door. And these women were just in these sleeping bags on the floor over each other. There’s no way that they could all sleep at once. Almost no way. And . . . I mean . . . they were being—it was, it was the physical manifestation of Trump’s rhetoric in calling migrants animals. Because that’s how these women were being treated. Their hair was falling out, they had sores in their mouth due to the lack of nutrition in the food that they were being given.

Notice how she leaves out voting AGAINST funding for these very women.

C’mon Democrats, even you have to be getting sick of this crap by now, right?

Crosses fingers for a primary.

Common sense?! Ma’am, don’t you know this is Twitter and common sense is NOT allowed.


And lucky for AOC, most socialists and far too many Democrats have less than half a brain these days.

Sorry, not sorry.


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