As Twitchy reported, Thursday evening before Trump’s announcement in the Rose Garden there was a confrontation of sorts between Playboy’s Brian Karem and Seb Gorka. Apparently, Karem said something about people who are prone to demonic possession (the jury is still out as to who exactly he was talking about) and Gorka called him a punk. If you think about it, it doesn’t really matter who the humiliated journalist was trying to humiliate, his behavior in general as a member of the press was in desperate need of being called out.

Gorka just happened to be the one to step up and do what needed to be done.

And like clockwork, Brian took to Twitter to play the victim.

Notice Brian is leaving out a few key details.

You know, about how he started the whole damn thing?

Still pretending he didn’t do anything.

All that’s missing is some BS story from Brian about how a woke, migrant six-year-old child with an eyepatch in a wheelchair asked him why Trump and Seb Gorka hated the migrant child so much.

And of course, the media is doing their part in making Seb the bad guy here …

Yes, that’s what out govt. does now.

And he wonders why Seb finally ‘snapped.’

It never fails.


But you know, it was just another violent, unhinged Trump supporter picking on an innocent journalist …


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