Andy Ngo seems to be doing the circuit, talking about Antifa violently assaulting him this past weekend; he was on with Tucker Carlson and now on CNN.

And of course, CNN all but carried water for the thugs who gave Ngo a brain bleed and threw cement at him.


‘Says he was assaulted.’

Umm … maybe they missed the video but we all saw him being assaulted.

What a bunch of a-holes.

‘Conservative journalist.’

The Left has been working overtime to try and frame Ngo as some crazed alt-right NAZI who deserved a beat down, and CNN certainly seems to be doing their part to support that narrative.

Heh, ya’ think?

When Trump won the presidency.

Yeah yeah yeah, we know, CNN is gonna CNN.



Wait, that doesn’t work here … or does it?

You know what, let’s just say it works anytime we write about CNN.


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