Would appear CNN’s Brian Stelter aired an obviously edited video of the Antifa attack on Andy Ngo, magically making the punches and kicks disappear and ultimately ‘hiding’ the actual violence of the assault.

If you only saw CNN’s footage you’d think Ngo was just ‘silly-stringed’ and had regular milkshakes thrown at him.

Brandon Darby ‘politely’ asked Brian about it …

Brian does say it’s unacceptable, period, but he really did Ngo a disservice by not showing what he actually went through. Not to mention his dig about how ‘others’ have accused Ngo of trying to cause trouble.

Dude, c’mon, be better.

And there’s the real reason.

Could it be … wait for it … ‘FAKE NEWS’?


Sorry, we had to.

Right? Where’s the video of that?


Fair enough.


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