As always, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was quick to make a fool of herself on Twitter. When she dumped on Ivanka Trump claiming that being the president’s daughter wasn’t a qualification people were quick to remind her that neither was being a bartender.

Which made ‘She Guevara’ very, very fussy.

Guess it’s ok for her to completely disrespect another woman but if anyone dares disrespect her?! THREAD RAGE! Virtue-signaling powers ACTIVATE!

Someone seems defensive.

The GOP does not dismiss working people, they dismissed AOC for being a snotty hyena. But go ahead, virtue signal away.

She’s so down to Earth and stuff. Like totally.

No, they were insulting you and you alone, AOC, after you made a childish and petty attack on the president’s daughter.

Stop using working people as a shield.


But she’s AOC! She’s edgy! She’s hip! She’s now.

She’s a joke.

Interesting how she has become the very elitist, snotty, petulant, entitled person she accused Ivanka Trump of being.


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