Months ago, Kamala Harris made a big deal about how awesome Joe Biden is and claimed she would never go after him.

Thursday night’s Democratic debate proved she was a giant liar.

But we all knew that.

From The Washington Post:

That upset Democrats who supported busing, and some of them took Biden aside and asked how and when “the racists had gotten to me,” as Biden told it in his autobiography. An aide to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. told Biden he was being “duped.”

Biden’s work in Washington chipped away at federal support for integration, but it did little, if anything, to impact the reality in his home state, which remained under court order until 1995. But it was important politically.

“It provided him with kind of political cover with his constituents,” Gadsden said. “He could say, ‘I did my best to oppose busing,’ even if it had no practical effect on Wilmington and the surrounding suburbs.”

Interesting how quickly the media has decided to go after Biden now that he’s not their chosen candidate.



Gosh, who knew?

But that didn’t stop Kamala from basically painting Biden as the Grand Wizard of the Klan now did it.

C’mon now, Kamala needs this talking point to get Biden out of her way.

Make no mistake, in her little mind, she is the Hillary of this election and it’s ‘her turn’.

They really are, and about so many things.


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