We’re not entirely sure who Lexi Alexander is (some Hollywood type) and for some reason she has this editor blocked, but we had to take a moment and write about her tweet because she’s trying to defend Antifa with their history of doxxing ICE employees.

Thousands of innocent people.

Thus proving Antifa are the real fascists.

This story is about a year old, and Lexi shared it today to somehow prove Antifa aren’t the thugs, losers, and cowards they proved themselves to be yesterday when they attacked and assaulted Andy Ngo.

And what sort of person thinks putting innocent peoples’ lives in danger through a dox is a good thing? You know what, don’t answer that.

We were so much happier before we knew who Lexi Alexander was.

And they should hang their heads in shame but we digress.

And if you want to see how far gone these people are, check out a response to this tweet.

Calling Andy a Nazi? Seriously?!

And there’s the trick, labeling anyone and everyone who dares disagree with them as a Nazi and then making excuses for attacking and even assaulting them.

Classy group.

Truth hurts.


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