Admit it, you knew Sean Spicier’s debate tweets would freak a ton of Lefties out.

Considering our favorite parody’s timeline is a hoot even when we’re not witnessing the first of several Democratic debates that are proving to be fairly entertaining train wrecks. Raise your hand if you’re still wondering if Cory Booker always sounds like a Terminator when he’s trying to speak Spanish he doesn’t really know how to speak.

It was truly a testament to the hot mess the Democratic party has become, sort of like how they continue to fall for a parody account for YEARS now on Twitter.

If you thought the debates were entertaining check this out …

They still think he’s him.

Honestly, this editor was positive that by NOW these yahoos would have figured out he’s a parody but … nope.

And thank goodness for that.


Funny how they always miss the real truth here.

He sells his soul by backing the President of the United States.


We’ve got news for her then, there are a lot of people who have sold their souls … and they vote.

Clearly, it was someone’s time of the month somewhere, this editor just can’t quite figure out whose and when and why.

Awww, it was Joe’s.

Ok, we’re caught up now.

You’d think by now the Left would have some new insults and talking points but nope. We’re still not convinced they don’t have some sort of ‘Lefty Talking Points for Dummies’ pamphlet they pass around.

Oh, and a couple of extras just because it’s FRIDAY and why not!

Ding ding ding.

Yeah, this one wasn’t so much funny as it was SPOT FREAKIN’ ON.

Imagine being this angry over a toothbrush joke.


Who’s shaming who here, pal?

Never gets old.


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