Not lookin’ good, Dems.

Like at all.

The stage wasn’t filled with Democrats, it was filled with people willing to be socialists if that meant they could appeal to the idiots we see screaming for free college and healthcare on Twitter every day. And we thought we were the only ones who were nervous about their talk of open borders and free healthcare for all illegal immigrants.

When even your base isn’t sure?

Nope. He’d be far too mainstream and NORMAL policy-wise to be a Democrat in 2019.

Here’s an example of the ‘pushing Left’ we’re seeing …

Calm down, Brian.

Sweet baby corn, this concentration camp talking point is SO BAD and exactly what we’re talking about.


Ok, this was actually pretty funny.

Fair point. Things feel awfully extreme politically these days …

But considering Democrats are trying to remove an incumbent this is even worse for them.


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