Kimberley Strassel’s feed during the second night of the Democratic debates ROCKED … unless, of course, you’re a Democrat. Plenty of people took it upon themselves to live-tweet the debate Thursday night (even this silly little editor) but Kimberley really nailed it.

We pulled her most popular tweets from the night but honestly, they were all good.

Kamala seems more interested in being a dictator than she does in being our president. *Danger Will Robinson*

We noticed the moderators didn’t ask if the candidates felt like their rhetoric and empty promises were in any way to blame for the thousands of people trying to come to this country illegally. Convenient.

Gillibrand was ao obnoxious; she interrupted so many times we were hoping they’d finally just turn her mic off.

Blah blah indeed.

And boom went the dynamite.

Biden seriously looked like a deer in headlights.

Yeah, they weren’t going to ask this question.

And finally.


Old man yells at clouds!


HA! Alyssa Milano can’t figure out WHY she’s getting mocked for showing up in a luxury chauffeured ride to visit border migrants

WTF is economic democracy?! AOC tries making the GOP look stupid about socialism and it does NOT go well for her, like at all

WOW –> If what this WaPo reporter overheard during the #DemDebates2 is true 2020 Dems are in SERIOUS trouble