Sounds like Alyssa Milano went to visit the migrant children at the border and showed up in a chauffeured luxury car with her smartphone.

Avocado toast and LaCroix … HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Hopefully whatever she brought along was gluten-free and vegan, right?

Alyssa couldn’t seem to figure out why people were mocking her for this.

Car service? MOST people get an Uber or rent a car and use GPS if they don’t know where they’re going. And seriously, a flip phone. She seems a teensy bit defensive, doncha think?

Hollywood, right?

And you guys, the shrieking at Brittany from the Left for calling Alyssa out about her Hollywood activism is impressive and not in a good way.

Look at this mess:

Oh, good, Seth Abramson chimed in.

We suppose we should just be happy he didn’t write 500 tweets about Britt’s tweet.

These poor, sad, deflecting little creatures.

We’re not entirely sure why they all decided to attack Melania here but eh … Lefties.

Truth be told we can’t include most of these tweets because they are filled with words that would make the bluest of truck drivers blush – guess THAT’S how Hollywood responds when called out for their hypocrisy and make-believe activism.


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