This is definitely one of the most interesting threads you’ll read today. Marianne Williamson really made an impression on viewers last night during night two of the Democratic debates, and not exactly in a terrible way.

Sure, she was definitely OUT THERE (New Zealand? What now?) but she was also the only candidate on that stage to challenge the Democratic establishment.

Marianne’s old tweets paint a very interesting and ‘awesomely out there’ picture of her:

There are definitely worst Democrats out there who could be elected.

Yeah, man.

Ummm …

Yeah, no thanks.

This editor sorta digs this one.

Strangely enough, Marianne comes across as one of the most human candidates on the Left yet, and tweets like this only make her seem more unique. C’mon, we know the Democratic field is filled with some nasty people who have done some nasty things (looking at you, Kamala, Joe, Bernie, etc etc), so in a way, Marianne is a breath of fresh air.

A completely out there breath of fresh air but still …

Editor’s note: We didn’t grab all of the tweets on this enormously long thread, but it’s definitely worth your time to go take a look.


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