Investigative JOURNALIST, Andy Ngo, was beaten so badly by Antifa thugs he was actually admitted to the hospital with a suspected brain bleed. These POS cowards beat him, stole his camera, and threw cement milkshakes at him …

Wow, now THIS is an actual attack on the free press. Surely his fellow journalists are front and center condemning this act and supporting Andy.

Or not.

Oh, is it ‘disturbing,’ Brian? Ya’ think? Should authorities get to the bottom of this? Ya’ know, for being the guy who always throws a fit when Trump says anything negative about the media Brian sure doesn’t seem to be all that concerned when an actual attack on a journalist has taken place.

And calling Andy a messenger. Really?

Huh? Andy isn’t a messenger, he’s a journalist.

What he said.

Sensing a theme here, Tater.


That’s putting it nicely.


Andy showed up to cover Antifa.

They assaulted him.

There, we got to the bottom of it. Happy now, Brian?

Like that will happen.

Guess you could say Will here ‘got to the bottom of it’ as well.

And that’s the truth.


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