We’d ask what the Hell is wrong with Eric Swalwell but by now we’ve figured out that basically EVERYTHING is wrong with this guy. There is no sadder candidate running for president than Eric ‘changing diapers for a dollar’ Swalwell.

And before reading this tweet from him about Sandy Hook we thought he was just annoying in a funny way but he just proved he’s truly an awful person.

Like any other Democrat.

True story.

So then then Eric went here …

Only a disgusting, pandering, foul jagoff would pretend he could have stopped Sandy Hook.

What. An. As*hole.

Leave those kids and those parents ALONE.

Let’s not challenge him to try.

Just call Eric #LessThanZero.

That works too.

Trump should send him a thank you card.

Heck, at this point Trump should send all of these Democrats big ol’ thank yous for helping him win next year.


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