As Twitchy reported earlier, Snopes well and truly screwed the proverbial pooch with their summation of what happened to Andy Ngo, going so far as to call his outlet, Quillette, a ‘conservative website’.

Anyone with at least half a brain knows Quillette is hardly a conservative site.

Granted, Snopes may well have less than half a brain but we digress.

Quillette founder, Claire Lehman, called Snopes out:

And then for whatever reason, David Rothschild (a so-called economist) decided it was necessary to chime in and make a complete and total tool of himself. Yes, we meant to write tool.





You know this guy is a blast at birthday parties.

Embarrassingly so.

What an a-hole, right?

Sorry, a clueless a-hole.

We have seen more disgusting, smug, foul people on the Left in the last two days than we have since Trump destroyed Hillary in 2016. The number of people claiming Andy had it coming, claiming he’s not a journalist and accusing of him being a Nazi … shockingly horrible.

And for us to be shocked these days is really something.

Let’s not pretend he really knows anything about a ‘free and open society.’

Wow, indeed.

Still waiting.

Editor’s note: We left an ‘n’ off Claire’s last name, it has been corrected. Thanks! sj


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