Ricky Gervais has spoken out before against idiots who think throwing a milkshake at someone they disagree with politically is AOK, so we’re not surprised he chimed in on what happened to Andy Ngo and the Antifa thugs.

Not to mention the other idiots enabling and defending said Antifa thugs.

Spot on. They’ve claimed Ngo had it coming because they disgree with what he has reported and said in the past so in their small, feeble, overly-emotional and obviously off-kilter brains he’s the bad guy.

We’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box here, folks.

Yup, same people.

And speaking of the ‘same people,’ as if on cue a bunch of scolds showed up to tell Ricky he’s ‘WRONG SIR, WRONG’!


You know what’s really not funny? A gay Asian journalist ending up in the hospital with a brain bleed.

It’s like these people share one brain. One dumb, dull, empty, vapid, uninformed, sad little brain.

Ohhhh, that’s right.

Ngo’s skirt was too short.

This editor has spent so much time shaking her head over the past couple of days it may never stop shaking.


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