The Leftist media has been working overtime to make excuses for the Antifa thugs attacking and assaulting Andy Ngo in Portland, from claiming Ngo is not actually a journalist (he is) to pretending Quillette is a conservative site (it’s not).

But perhaps the most obnoxious story we’re seeing on the incident was published by ‘The Guardian’ … we know, you’re super surprised.

It actually is pretty damn shameful.

From The Guardian:

Milkshakes, recently used around the world as a symbolic weapon against prominent figures on the far right, became a theme of the day. Portland police claimed without offering evidence that some milkshake cups had been filled with quick-drying cement.

Actual milkshakes were used by leftwing protesters. A videographer and editor for the rightwing magazine Quillette, Andy Ngo, had one dumped on him early in the day.

Another incident involving Ngo captured attention, particularly on the right. Widely shared video taken by the Oregonian journalist Jim Ryan appeared to show Ngo being hit by counter-protesters and sprayed with silly string. Ryan tweeted: “Didn’t see how this started, but Ngo got roughed up.”

Ngo said he had been attacked and hospitalized, and posted to social media pictures of apparent facial abrasions. With significant backing from rightwing media and political figures, by late Saturday a crowdfunding website for Ngo had raised more than $60,000.

Holy crap.

No wonder this guy locked his account.

Someone at ‘The Guardian’ probably should’a edited this … just sayin’.

Gosh, wonder why Jason would’ve left all of that out?

Awwww, that’s why.

Fair question.

Yup. And yuck, what the Hell is all over that idiot’s face?

You know what, we don’t wanna know.

Nailed it.

Note: This editor just covered a thread from NYC Antifa that used a ton of stories from The Guardian as proof that they’re the real heroes. Coincidental? We think not. 


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