Reading a good deal of the Mueller report and follow-up reporting can be a little bit like reading stereo instructions backward and in Japanese which is why we often times leave it up to much smarter people than we are to write about it.

We just write about them writing about it.

And it works out nicely.

Take for example Aaron Maté’s thread on Russian agents versus western intelligence which started from another thread by Shane Harris.

They’re still ‘talking’ to the Washington Post.

Old habits die hard?

Anyway, here’s Aaron’s short but seemingly important thread:

It’s all very curious.

We’re starting to see why Mueller has so many rules around his testimony because it sure seems like there are certain topics and items he may not want to talk about. *adjusts tinfoil hat*

That could well be a game-changer.

Ahead of something, sure.

But what?

We shall see, and hopefully sooner than later.


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