Because of course Ana Navarro is a Kamala Harris fan-girl.

And super classy as always.

Ana took the time to make a list of all the things she thinks Kamala is that Trump is not and boy howdy, if you can get through this list without rolling your eyes at least once you are far tougher than this editor.

Pendejo, really? She must have gotten the #Hispandering memo too …

And c’mon, Kamala is empathetic? Smart as Hell? Composed? UNIFYING?


Ana’s TDS is seriously off the charts.

That Willie Brown story ain’t going away.

No big loss if so.

Mmmmm … muffin.

Moderates, centrists, and traditional Democrats are really struggling with this crop of crazy.

Mafia Trump?

That’s a new one.

We don’t see any of these clowns beating Trump in the general but hey, this is at least somewhat entertaining.


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