If you were able to stomach any of the first round of the Democratic Debates Weds. night you know it was a train wreck of pandering, Spanglish, and whole lot of nonsense. There was so much going wrong with the candidates trying to out-progressive one another that it was hard to pinpoint what the biggest issue of all really was.

Luckily Greg Gutfeld figured it out.


It wasn’t a debate, it was a progressive informercial.

Gutfeld had other thoughts on the moderators:

They definitely wanted Warren to talk more and Gabbard to talk less.

Winner, winner chicken dinner.

So was last night the ‘crazies’ or the ‘craziest’?

Not ONE of them actually answered any questions they were asked. They just wanted to push their campaign talking points and found any way possible to tie the question at hand to their campaign. It was painful.


Maybe MSNBC can get a gong before tonight’s second debate?


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